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Company Overview

Life Care Medical Devices is a company focused on the development, production and distribution of non-invasive and minimally-invasive technologies and products that reshape the treatment paradigm for medical procedures. The Company’s lead product, Life Care EMI is a non-invasive system that uses electromagnetic induction (EMI) to generate focused energy. This energy passes through the skin surface and delivers localized, planar heat to the collagen-rich dermis and subcutaneous tissues.  Life Care EMI recently received FDA clearance for generation of deep heat within tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions.

Life Care’s innovative product, LapCap™2 is a proprietary device specifically designed to advance the standard of care for laparoscopic surgery by providing safe, rapid and repeatable access for minimally invasive abdominal procedures. Life Care is dedicated to improving surgery by working to ensure LapCap2 becomes the global standard for laparoscopic access.

Life Care is also actively pursuing a robust growth strategy to expand its portfolio through the acquisition of synergistic products and technologies.